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More About Me

A bit about me in a nutshell

I am 39 years old, I Have been married for 9 years. I meet my husband and my soul mate Sylvain on the internet in 1996. I have 3 cats named Tika is female and the oldest she is 7 and is a maine coon, Tas is 5 and a male he is a shorthaired typical tabby, and Kirby is 3 and a male he is a long haired manx with the cutest personality

A little medical history on me....

In 1978 I was diagnosed with a disease called FAP (Familial (Hereditary) Adenomatous(Pre-Malignant)Polyposis(polyp/mass/tumor), I was 11. I had my large bowel and alot of my small bowel removed and was left with an ileostomy. When I was about 13 I got a kock pouch. I had lots of desmoid tumors in my teens and many surgeries, to remove the tumors and surgeries for blockages and adhesions as well. My stomach isn't a pretty site, all full of scars. I also had a benign tumur on my thyroid removed in my early 20's, my neck looks like someone went after me with a saw.

From the age of 21 on I had no real serious problems. My only real complaint is my ammune system isn't that great and I catch every cold and flu bug thats out there. Im always tired and low on energy so it makes it hard to work, but thats about it.

I live in a fairly small town were the doctors really don't know much about FAP and neither did I. Up until August my health seemed normal. I had a few hospital stays for minor blockages and a surgery for a fibroid tumour on my ovary.

All changed last August when I started having serious pain, problems with my kock pouch,and lots of blockages. After a long battle with the doctors and many tests they found a a large cyst on my ovary and thanks to that cyst I finally started getting some attention. I was sent to Vancouver to have it removed and to also have my rectum, anus, kock pouch, thousands of poylps,tons of adjesions, and the cyst removed. I was happy it was over....well atleast I thought it was.

I know deal with chronic pain, a very annoying ileostomy,and bowel blockages. I'm right back where I started before....
Name: Joann <mystic67@gmail.com>

Age: 55 Years Old (1/22/1967)
Location: Canada